Case Studies

The industrial partners in MMTECH have chosen a number of case study parts where the use of gamma titanium aluminides would lead to significant weight savings or performance improvements. Key performance indicators have been designed for the parts so that MMTECH technologies can be assessed from a technical, financial and environmental point of view.

The material properties, performance specifications and geometrical tolerances for the parts have been analysed and are leading the developments in MMTECH. A standard features parts containing the most challenging features and geometries has also been defined as a demonstrator.

The alloy formulation for the powders developed by MBN was determined based on this analysis, aiming for enhanced workability, creep strength and resistance to oxidisation at high temperatures.

The case study part chosen by AML is a generic turbine blade, such as those found in aircraft engines. Blades for the high-pressure compressor are typically made from nickel alloys. Gamma titanium aluminides are lighter than nickel, so could usefully replace this material without loss of performance.

EFESTO and DIGRO are both working on components of a range extender unit for electric aircraft. Again, manufacturing parts of this component from gamma titanium aluminide would offer significant weight savings and the ability to use additive manufacturing will lead to an improved design and performance. The components under consideration in MMTECH are the turbocharger unit and the manifold.

DIGRO component

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