• The use of intelligent machines, characterized by new vibration compensation techniques based on the introduction of specific active damping mechatronic systems and control strategies for roughing operations (MONDRAGON)
  • Passively damped tooling-clamping devices with innovative nanostructured damping coatings for finishing operations (FIDIA)
  • The introduction of an innovative technique of laser-assisted machining for specific operations (PRIMA)
  • The introduction of adaptive machine tools, advanced toolpaths and machining strategies (IDEKO)
  • Advanced cutting tools, with innovative geometry, substrate material (carbide and ceramic), and nanostructured coatings (FIDIA)
  • Application of sensors for process diagnostics, monitoring and visualization, including online non-destructive inspection technologies to ensure part quality;ultrasonic testing; active thermography, developed and tuned for the new materials, to ensure higher quality and durability of the new parts (STRATHCLYDE)
  • Control of the process parameters in real time (in the relevant parameter fields) by the use of pre-processing prognosis and proactive controls on processes, production systems and sub-systems integrated in the production lines/cells (MONDRAGON)
  • Integration of cognitive systems for the development of intelligent and self-optimising machines for zero-defect manufacturing, with increased process capability thanks to new strategies for data-rich quality monitoring, control and optimization (USFD).
  • Application of specific vegetal lubricants and self-adaptive cutting parameters algorithms in CNC control (TEKS)

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